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At Props and Goggles, we create fun and engaging worlds where children can creatively learn.

We deliver themed events and parties at the swimming pool, using storytelling, props, and characters to inspire our young audiences whilst teaching fundamental water confidence skills.

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I just wanted to say thank you so much for today. My boys absolutely loved it!!

I loved the themes that you covered and the way in which you did it. It’s so original and so effective. Please do keep me updated on any other shows you do - we would love to come along again.


“ It was an engaging session which helped her forget the fears she had.”


"They loved every second of it. The unique creativity and effort put into the costumes, story line and pool set up kept everyone’s interest and the children engaged in the activities till the very end. ‘props’ to Lori and the entire team for a lovely time. An amazing experience and will return again!"